For your reseller business to succeed effective search engine optimization (SEO) combined with regular marketing strategies are a must. Linking your reseller storefront to your own WordPress website (available in your reseller products list) is by far the best way to leverage SEO techniques. WordPress SEO Plugins have built in function to quickly index your website on all major search engines. Most of these plugins link your webmaster and analytics accounts to your website for you while auditing your SEO performance. By adding your website to Google’s Search Console and Bing Webmasters Toolbox, your indexing should take only a short time. Included free with your reseller plan is Search Engine Visibility. This program easily walks you through the required steps to insure your reseller website becomes indexed.

Marketing takes on many roles including social media, advertising online, email campaigns and much more. Developing social media pages on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter as an example should be considered for long term success. All social media pages link directly back to your reseller website and help with SEO. Third party linking companies also provide important backlink services. The more links to your reseller website the more likely you will appear in a search result. The GEM email marketing program is available inside your reseller control center as an available product for effective email marketing plans.