Purchase your selected plan: Basic Reseller or Pro Reseller.

Login to your new BUY RESELLER account and you will be directed to the reseller control center.

In the Products tab you will see your additional free products.

Under your products tab select Reseller and then select manage.

Locate sidebar menu and select View Storefront. This is your new Storefront URL.

Get to know your dashboard: Reports, Storefront, Products, Marketing, Settings

Branding of your Storefront includes logo, navigation, custom header and colors.

Important Next Step

Before using a custom domain to brand your new business, or connect to a website visit your new default Storefront URL and become Your First Customer of your new business by registering your new domain or transferring an existing one.

This is a recommended step – using just your Storefront URL is always an option.

Check out the Help Guides and Blog for more valuable information.

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